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Oxycontin Eater

Bob Rivers

Well I was in the car and I heard this guy
He sounded all shook up and he told me why
His voice was shaking on the E.I.B.
Sound like an OxyContin eater to me

It was a bug-eyed, tone deaf, flying OxyContin eater
Right Wing, syndicated, spinning Liberal people beater
Right Wing, strung out, hypocrite prescription cheater
Rush looked strange to me
That guy?

Well his housekeeper picked up some drugs on the street
And she brought the stuff home for the boss to eat
I heard him say in a voice so gruff
�I tried to quit twice but it was just too tough.�

He was a big mouth, blow hard, Right Wing propaganda reader
Bad ear, sore back, 30 dose a day pill eater
A three time, retread, frequent Betty Ford repeater
Still looks high to me
One more time?

I said Mr. OxyContin guy the show sounds fine
I see you beating up on Liberals using half your mind
So what�s the real reason that you�re in Rehab?
�I wanna get my job back and slam Mcnabb.�

Well bless his soul, no control, former jelly donut eater
Dope stashing, Clinton bashing, flying OxyContin eater
Fired color commentator
What a site to see
Pill popping�s evil

And after 30 short days well what do you know
He pops back up on his radio show,
He was preaching away to the ditto heads
While his maid faced the music cause he sang to the Feds

I am not a victim in this. I� Criminals like this should be put in jail off the streets. They�re the worst kind of offenders. I blame Hillary Clinton. She�s the reason for all of this.

I should�ve stuck with tequila.

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