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Cheney's Got a Gun

Bob Rivers

Dick Cheney�s got a gun
Dick Cheney�s got a gun
The safety�s come undone
Squinting in the Texas sun
What did our leader do?
Who�d he put a bullet through?

They say when Cheney goes to Texas
You�ll find him huntin� fish and game
His buddy had it comin�
Cuz when Cheney�s got a gun
He�s just not that good at takin� aim

Cheney�s got a gun
Dick Cheney shot someone
Cindy Sheehan better run
Better watch her liberal buns
Tell him that the war�s not through
He�ll probably put a hole in you

He tracked a little bitty birdie
Hopin� to blow out its brains
They say the spell that he gets under
From double barrel thunder
Makes his eyes pop out like he�s insane

Run away, run away from the Vice President
Run away, run away, run from Dick Che-ee ay-ee nee

Dick Cheney�s got a gun
The safety�s come undone
Cindy Sheehan better run
He�s a weapon of mass destruction
Cheney shot someone

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