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Are They Gonna Fry Oj?

Bob Rivers

It was not so long ago
I thought The Juice was number one
Tables turned, to say the least
And he�s been looking pretty glum
And so that�s why we got this trial
OJ says he was not the one
They�ve gotta play those lawyer games
And if he�s guilty when they�re done

And uh, I don�t really wanna know, but...
Are they gonna fry OJ?
Wish I didn�t want to know... yeah

I don�t know why he took that ride
This made him seem like he�s a crook
He�s in a cage he�s been arraigned
At him they�ll try to throw the book
If he�s the guy, weak alibis
Won�t get his ass off of the hook.
You�ve got to leave TV unplugged
If you don�t want to take a look.

And uh, I don�t really wanna know, but...
Are they gonna fry OJ?
Will it be on the Donahue show?

...Is there too much OJ coverage? A ninety-minute special tonight on...

...Cross dressing transsexuals who think OJ was framed, on the next Geral...

...This hour on QVC: Autographed OJ Simpson trading cards actually signed while in the slammer...

...O.J. crosses the 50, the 45, the 40, the 405, the 101... He�s over Sunset Boulevard....

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