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Silly Pretty Thing

Bob Geldof

C'mon get up, get dressed
The world is spinning
Full of kindly beings
The one you love will love you back
And no-one's spoiling anything
Everything's just right
It makes you want to fill your lungs and sing
And ooh ...
You silly pretty little thing
C'mon get up, get dressed
Another perfect day of spring is here
Hurry up, c'mon get up
A soft winds idly pushing past my ear
And water, clouds and lambs
Are tumbling over through the bursting fields
And ooh...
You silly pretty little thing

Last night the moon got drunk and dropped his clothes
Down on the empty streets
He danced a moonsong dancing cross the stars
before he had to go to sleep
And back down here the lovers gazed
as though they couldn't hardly speak
And ooh...
You silly pretty little thing

Oh I know there's some out there who'll always say
We're simply being naive
But we believe in all that stuff like
Love and gentleness and peace
So today's the day we're going to come out
And declare our victory
Just you and me and that...
Silly pretty little thing

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