Bob Dylan

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Cifrada)

Bob Dylan

The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert

[Am] You must leave now take what you [G] need you think will last [Am] But whatever you wish to keep you better [G] grab it fast [Am]Yonder stands your orphan with his [G] gun [Am]Crying like a fire in the [G]sun. [Em]Look out the Saints are comin' [D] through [Am]And it's all over [D]now, Baby [G] Blue. [Am] The highway is for gamblers, [G] better use your sense [Am] Take what you have gathered from [G] coincidence [Am]The empty handed painter from your [G] streets [Am]Is drawing crazy patterns on your [G] sheets [Em] This sky too, is falling under [D] you [Am]And it's all over [D]now, Baby [G] Blue [Am] All your seasick sailors, [G] they are rowing home [Am] All your reindeer armies, are all going [G] home [Am] The lover who just walked out your [G] door [Am] Has taken all his blankets from the [G] floor [Em] The carpet too, is moving under [D] you [Am]And it's all over [D] now, Baby [G] Blue. [Am] Leave your stepping stone behind, [G] something calls for you [Am] Forget the dead you've left, they will not [G] follow you [Am] The vagabond who's rapping at your [G] door [Am] Is standing in the clothes that you once [G] wore [Em] Strike another match, go start a [D] new [Am]And it's all over [D]now, Baby [G] Blue.

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