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Valenti (english Version)


Next World

I can feel it truly in my heart
Cause you my heart know my destiny
That thing can't stand my love for you
So reaching your hand hard on to me
Shaking my heart you're my dreamy boy
You're the hand my fire burns
Baby kissing softly I need you
Oh stepping stepping babe
When and a how we met each other
How did we get the feelings we have
Boy I fall in love with you
Remember the moment

*Born to love you
Want to take you into paradise
Just fighting for love never stop my body
Take your hand and see heart and
You'll be in my arms
Keep a smile and I never let go
You are my dream ...

Tell me tell me what I mean to you
Let me keep you warm and dry
Do you do you miss me day and night
And nothing gonna hug you
Making make a love happy and
Don't be shy don't be so down
Baby let me show you how I feel
Oh stepping stepping babe
Trust me always be on your side
Calling you up and make you realize
Just I fall in love with you
You and me forever

Born to love you
Want to take you into paradise
Just finding my way holding tight your body
Turn your way now
What I can't give more than enough
Oh my love is the waiting for you
You are my dream

Why do you cry
Just look in my heart
Come with me
Let's make a new start
Boy I fall in love with you [YEAH YEAH]
Waiting here for you

Born to love you
Want to take you into paradise
Let's go there's no moon never sight my body
Don't give it up every moment
Everything is true
Please give me the will to go on
You are my dream

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