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Dearest Darling

Bo Diddley

(Ellas McDaniel) 1958

Dearest darling,
Dearest darling,
Dearest darling.

Don't you know,
The Lord above,
Created you,
Just for me to love,
Picked you out,
From all the rest,
Because He knew I loved you best.

Dearest darling,
Dearest darling,
Dearest darling, take my hand, take my hand

I once had a heart,
So trill and true,
But now it's gone,
From me to you,
Take care of it,
Like I have done,
For you have two hearts,
And I have none.

Dearest darling,
Dearest darling,
Dearest darling.

If I get to heaven,
Before you do,
I'll try to make a hole,
And pull you thru.


If I go to heaven,
And you not there,
I'm gonna write your name,
On the heavenly stair,
If you aren't there,
By turn of day,
Then I know baby,
You know the way.

O sweet baby, o sweet baby...

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