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Winter Of My Life


Once there was a time
once there was a time
I was a soldier in your war
You´ve been my little, dark soldier
I had to fight just to survive
Your life was in my hands
For the strange love you gave to me
I gave you all my love

I hear a fairytale
a fairytale from the winter of my life
There was a time, so dark and cold
the time when you have been my love
so far away and so long ago
I have left you somewhere in time
I can´t remember who you are
Now you´re history to me

Can´t you hear my eternal call?
I will not listen when you cry
Where are you now, my little boy?
You´ll never find me in the night
Why did you leave me here alone?
I found a new salvation
I try to find you in every night
A part of you is still in my heart

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