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Warriors Of Destiny


Child of Glass

we don't live in this paranoid world.
we came from beyond.
we create your darkest dreams.
a kingdom of pain, blood and tears.
every night when you asleep,
we infiltrate your fantasies.
and then we take you on a trip.
we make you wanna suffer an die,

your hearts are full of fear and pain.
you are living in a world of illusion,
death will get you all.
you always close your eyes.
we are the warriors of destiny.

we come to take your souls.
you will see the dark reality,

existing through your bloody fears.
a painful force is tearing you soul apart.
because we break your bloody will,
you're just a toy in our hands.
Dies ist die Nacht Deines Lebens

it's just a game that you can win,
und es wird auch die Letzte sein,
Du must sterben um für uns frei zu sein

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