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Waiting For The Night


"The cruelty inside your thoughts tortures your soul with all these lies
And you can't stand this agony

You have a secret you won't tell
You bury it deep inside your mind
But there is hope behind your mask

Impatiently you're sittint an a room painted red
In front of you there is a reflection of your self

You close your eyes and dream away through all the memories inside
But when you wake it's reality
You see these eyes so full of tears
You try to scream but no one hears
You want to free your heart from the chains

You close your eyes and dream away
But when you wake it's reality

In the distance you are waiting for the night that never comes
You dry your tears and run away from the pain inside your soul
In the distance you can see it close your eyes and feel the heat
You will relish the poison kiss when the night touches your heart

And you curdes your life and you cry against the pain
And you fell your life will never be the same."

By: Bylly

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