Chemical World (Cifrada)


Modern Life Is Rubbish

A A/Bass Ab The pay-me girl has had enough of the bleeps D C G So she takes a bus into the country A A/Bass Ab Although she got herself rosy cheeks D C G She didn't leave enough money to pay the rent A A/Bass Ab The landlord says that she's out in a week D C G What a shame she was just getting comfy A A/Bass Ab Now she's eating chocolate to induce sleep D C G In a chemical world it's very, very, very cheap A Amaj7 And I don't know about you F#min C#min Bmin D F They're putting the holes in, yes, yes A Amaj7 It's been a hell of a do F#min C#min Bmin D F They've been putting the holes in, yes, yes A A/Bass Ab Peeping Thomas has a very nice view D C G Across the street at the exhibitionist A A/Bass Ab These townies they never speak to you D C G Just stick together so they never get lonely A A/Bass Ab Feeling lead, feeling quite light-headed D C G Had to sit down and have some sugary tea A A/Bass Ab D In a chemical world, in a chemical world C G it's very, very, very cheap

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