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yo, c'mon. Blue

that's right
you know what I'm saying

I think you're 'bout it bout it
no man could ever doubt it
you're looking so delicious
could this be the night that we uhhh
get closer just a little
take it up another level
look, its just plain and simple
could this be the night that we uhhh
don't fight it, can't hide it
let's ride this
it just feel so right

you got the perfect body (uh, huh)
love the way you're shaking it for me (uh, huh)
can we take it upstairs
from the lobby
i don't see nothing in
you and me bubblin'

how do we get started
how do we get private
once we getting inside
its gonna be troublin'
you and me bubblin'

When I drop it like it's hot,
Take it like a man and you hit that
right spot naughty or you not.
You and me could cuddlin
up im the club
Rubba dubblin'em we straight bubblin'
and you lovin how hot we get
All bites no lics these waves here got
you sea sick,
Won't you bubble with your ckick,
pretty and I'm thick
Can't no other duplicate it i'm the one
to get with,
Come and bubble baby.

[Verse 2]
why don't we get this popping
top flor with no disturbing
room service in the morning
this will be the night that we uhhh
elevator's waiting open
don't you think its time we go in
can't keep the penthouse waiting
this will be the night that we uhhh
clock's tickin', time's wastin'
you're amazing
it just feel so right


Got the body like woah
Why you waiting over there let's roll
take it all the way to the floor
and let's get bubblin', gilr, bublin' girl

oojh, woo. Woo Woo


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