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In A Furnace


In A Furnace

If I were dead tomorrow would you retain my remains
And if I were dead tomorrow I wouldn´t regret anything
Would you lay yourself down on our matrix… Togetherburn with me
When I collapse, tenderly whisper. It´s time for me to die

May I die with a smile on my face
May I die with your life in my eyes
May I die with no pain and in love
Close my eyes, it will be fine

In those flames I feel pain no more
Side by side with the one I love
Ashes mixed up under the ground
Equally, and there we are

How am I supposed to know if I´m still alive today
We´re all gone tomorrow there´s nothing you can do
This could be the day. I have everything I own
There is nothing I would change because today I die

May I die with a smile on my face…

In those flames I feel pain no more…

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