learned the lord is my master
though his name I no more chant
I removed my silver crucifix
harken not to the preacher's rant
My only bible has been burned
that was the last time I kneeled
Nothing in church I ever learned
only to my selfish urge I'd yield

I am traitorous
I am treasonous

Sworn allegiance I desert
to sin and lust I convert
My unbelief prevaricates
the abode of hell my soul awaits

So I burn
oh they feed me flames
At the stake I taste the merciless fire
so I burn
Oh but the devil knows
I shall rise renewed from the ashes of my death

I was throbbing in my desire
holy doctrines I no more knew
When i was praying at the altar
the words all seemed too few
Tempted to sell my soul
my mind corrupted with vanity
Obsessed to reach my goal
enticed beyond the gates of insanity

Perverse intent in my mind
high on deceit and what I can blind
Heresy is my guilty creed
in perjury engulfed in greed

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