My Torturer


Face down in a plastic covered room I awake
My entire body's screaming from
Excruciating pain
Abducted and kept in here for days on end
Defined to the mind of a man so vile
I've been beaten and burnt
Molested and carved in
He has peeled the skin off my back with a plane

And with a 40-inch lead pipe and
Excessive force
He's turned my hands and knees into gore
Compulsive cruelty
My body's a canvas for his urge
A sick mind emerge
In this desperate time of need to God I turn
May my torturer's flesh in hell forever burn

A fierce panic sets in, as a new run begins
A sickening sensation as the drillbit meets the skin
Leaving gaping holes for my insides to pour through
My cries in vain "please end the pain"
Spur him on even further
And then a fretting sting as the acid's poured in
A wretched sound of hissing
My organs frying within

Force-fed my daily drug to
Keep infections from spreading
To extend the time of torture till
I remain no more
Nothing left to hold on to
All hope has faded away
Unheeded are all my cries
Begging for my demise
A painful path into the ground
Never to be found

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