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Mock The Cross


In the vomb
a sea of vomit
Nurturing the false prophet
his mouth of blasphemy
Spreading forth the creed of the infidels

His spit on the flaking emblem of solomon
a schism of confusion weaken the trinity
Foresee the death of the holy alliance
the withering corpse of christ

Mock the cross

Thieving throughout the ages of man
he has come to claim the eternal prize
Antichrist of flesh and blood
overseeing his domain with tender care

The foul taste of deceit
lingering upon his lips
Fools entranced by divine intellect
enslaved and scorned for eternity
The long awaited rise of the usurper
a new world order taking form

Hordes rejoiced in eternal solstice
honoring the true kingdom
Possession of the gullible souls
mass death in the name of dog

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