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Drink From The Cup Of Heresy


Drink from the cup of heresy
feel the enchanting powers
Dismantle the government of lies
stand up against the ultimate sinner

Our lord is vapor
in the corner of the eyes of fools
Disrupting a worthless rat race
ticking towards their demise

False wretched kings aside
you are nothing
Upon the cross hangs your eternal lie
in blashpemy you're nothing

Drink from the cup of heresy
take control of your soul
Fight the enslaver
dismiss the web of lies
The fear in your heart is false

Drink from the cup of heresy
spit your confession back with pride
Break the rusted shackles of control
never accepted feeble rules

Controlling me with a fairytale
vast thousands of misleading translations
Confusing the minds of the weak
but not me

In blashpemy you're nothing

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