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Bathe In Blood


i keep my eyes on the screen
pulse oximeter flash in indistinct green
tapping of the veins haemoglobin rains
bloodbath now will occur

in dysfunctional belief
pressure of the blood is set to be relieved
tappping of the veins haemoglobin rains
heart is being disturbed

violent deed, sickening greed,
transfusion of obscenity
losing track, eyes turn black,
departure of my sanity

bleeding - feel the rush, taste the heat
speeding - pain threshold for a heartbeat

wisdom streams, endlessly
fulfilling of a murder dream
night routines in the mortuary
death walks on the round unseen

i examine your death as i stab overhead
your body cracks and i bathe in blood
wallow in gore and thoughts of the dead
i condemn myself as i bathe in blood
saw your hell through a blood-flushing cell
dreams are dead as i bathe in blood
washed out the life of every cell
death exploration as i bathe in blood

a bloodshot sight of gore
bursting body sprays
life to proceed no more
a bloodbath of the human race

invidious trauma
transfixed bodies in a grotesque scene
disgusting horror of dried out life
coagulated bloodstream

eyes stare blank
unable to see as death reappears
unspeakable chill in the hyper white light
fall to my knees in fear

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