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I'm Sorry We Lied

Blood Orange

Coastal Grooves

Baby Love
Would you like to be my little
Girl for life
Take you on a cruise in my
Sweet Cadillac
Promise you papa to bring you
Home by nine
His watch not mine
Oh my baby
Makes me oh so happy just to
Hear my name
Rumours in my school hurry me
It's such a shame
Want to be just like the other
Girls tonight
Just fall tonight

Ohh Nicole
Take my lover jacket as I
Turn this on
Sleep with serenade into
My sweet arms
Never seemed to care about most
Other girls
You're not other girls
Oh my baby
Whiskey times is after I fell
Alive so please
Forget everything that my dady
Said to me
I know it's not your fault that
I'm not to blame
Just say my name


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