Blood Orange

Freetown Sound

Genesis, chapter eleven, verse ten
Explains the genealogy of Shem
Shem was a black man, in Africa
If you repeat this fact, they can't laugh at ya

Seem to not take it too well
When I tell you that it's not the reason I fell
Then you know just how he felt
When you look at how you gave enough chance to sell

All I ever wanted was a chance for myself

Why the fuck do you even speak?
It's not a choice of speech, and it sure ain't free
Wear your braids to keep your edge
Stay in your corner, fuck you up, we lost our chill

All you ever wanted was a chance for yourself
To represent a thing that we have started to build
Why refresh your soul and my spirit for them?
All I ever wanted was a chance for myself

Been chewed up but it makes you proud
You're the dark skinned nigga in a sold out crowd
Looking at the girl with the thick, blonde braids
And you're tryin' to make out what her t-shirt says
No one really ever cares what 'thug life' means
They wanna be surrounded but they hate to breathe
The air is thick as I plan my escape

All I ever wanted was a chance for myself

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