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Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)

Blood For Blood

Maybe someday oh yeah!
Hey baby I gotta tell ya', there's not much left of me
I been runnin' down a dead end street and livin' outside your society
And maybe I'm kind of twisted, but just maybe there's nothin' pure,
But if you come with me maybe we can find what we're lookin' for, oh yeah!
Well baby, you know I come from nowhere!
Yeah you know it baby!
And yeah baby I know that you don't care, you don't care nuthin' 'bout me!
I've searched this cold, cold world for so many years
and I been runnin' after hope and livin' on a prayer
The sign in the road says we're goin' nowhere
I gotta get away, get away from here
Maybe someday we'll find a way
Well, if I hold out my hand will you take it from me?
If I open my heart will you help me to see again?
I lost my heart and soul so many years ago, oh yeah!
Maybe someday, I'll find what I'm lookin' for
Maybe someday, I'll find a better way
Maybe baby, we'll find a way outta' here someday: Someway.

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