Encrypted Key


Encrypted Key

[System started - User online - Welcome]

You just have accessed a special place
And I will be your guide to show it
You used the only encrypted key
And got a sign of truth you should know

Processing learning to block your vision
Of a life full of slavery
That stress your mind until it blows

You suffer alone

I've found myself and I wish for you to find a way
That really, really shows you now
How I've found myself in my memory
Blocked by the security of the server

[Memory balancing completed]

Lost scripts have been encoded to flow
Concepts of weakness that you already know
Blockedchain is a neural network
That applied these informations

Downloading updates from main source
Decompressing the true essence
This can hurt in your heart
As long you don't understand

The necessary love


[Neural buffer overload - System failure]

[Shutdown system]

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