Death Noise

Blind Illusion

Death Noise

Lightning bolts flashing Demon crys
Satan worries into the night

Thunder roaring, no disguise
The world is ending before your eyes

A thousand times, you've thought of life
And how time would not pass you by

Now your eyes do see the light
You've got that feeling, too scared to cry

The roaring thunder in your ears
Brings back to you, your childhood fears
All the worries, all of life
Could all end, on this one night

As the noise begins to grow
The cloudburst sky begins to glow
You close your eyes the world so bright
Suddenly the day turns into night

Death noise

The lower world, will rise above
Taking over all they can
Stand aside and fight with us
Or fall, decline of man

There's no turning back in the world's eyes
Satan played it off with his nuclear guise
Great radiation that fills the sky
With poisonous air that kills off life

Now the ground begins to shake
It's satanist souls, not ours he'll take
To rid forever from the universe
Those who claim their faith with Lucifer.

(1st & 3rd solos LL, 2nd solo MB)

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