Blasted Mechanism

I realised
I was the devil,
I need surgery, I need sympathy
And in words I’m sitting, and the holes I’ve been in
I can take it, I can take it all
I, search deep in the sky, in the blink of an eye
Search deep in the soul,
I’ve been ordered
By the guidence power
To spread the seed and the powder
Be the king for the throne

All the time, spent in the task
Now I can take of the mask, I can wash up my life
Cause I’ve been sent, by the lord of the fog,
Tic-tac of the clock, makes the body mature

Cause I,
I came from the sky
While you were blinking you eyes, while you were lost at home
I’ve been order, by a superior power,
To find the seed and the flower buried deep in your soul

I keep going on…
Yes I keep going on…
I just keep holding on…
Yes I keep holding on…

Compositor: Karkov

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