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Gators From Congo

Blasted Mechanism

Insanaty coming very slowly
By the morning
It's smoothy
While it's coming to me
But after a while
Yes, yes, yes
Yes, after a while
Oh, ....wow, wow, wow
I just scratch my mind
Shalom, shalom
My feet go blind, no, no, no,no
Buckle up... here we go

We all have flowers in our hands
And we all shoot our best friends
We all believe in the power of Mambo

We're the gators from Congo

tcha. tcha, tcha, aruba babies
go, go, go, the iguana jive

Drink those bubbles
They'll keep you alive

I'm going softly to outer space
Tracking your sublime grace
Enjoy your smile
And your teeth of gold
I love your bones
When we're alone

Compositor: Vald`jiu, Karkov, Cardona, Migas

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