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Solo (Remix)


Cheonjinnanman cheongsungalyeon
Saechimhan cheok ijen jichyeo na
Maeil mwo hae eodiya babeun jal ja
Baby, jagi yeobo bogo sipeo
Da bujireopseo

You got me like (Oh, oh, oh)
Igeon amu gamdong eopsneun love story (Oh, oh, oh)
Eotteon seollemdo eotteon uimido (Oh, oh, oh)
Negen mianhajiman
I'm not sorry (Oh, oh, oh)
Oneulbuteo nan nan nan

Bich naneun sollo
Bich naneun sollo
I'm going solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo
I'm going solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo

Used to be your girl, but nevermind that used to
Let me shine, gettin' mine, I hit you with that ddu-ddu
Got a lot of whatever I want, like I could lose two
Wanna find me? I be in Paris a lot, that's beaucoup
Too cool, ooh, four-finger ring, pink on it
Chain all ice like I could pour this drink on it
Been gone and came back, comin' for the payback
Asked them how you like it and it's looking like they hate that
W, no L's, covered W and Elle, and it's none left on the shelf
Get in trouble by myself, solo, oh well
All me, cross seas, Coco Chanel
Palm trees, calm breeze, living in a dollhouse
I don't need a Ken, I can watch him walk out
Solo, but I got many I could thank
You could see it in my eyes, like every time I blink

Composição: JENNIE, Hong Jun Park, Jeong Hun Seo

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