My heart still beats, it still hurts
There will never be a last time
I'm tired of thinking
it would be different
if I had given more

When I'm crying on my knees
I don't need anyone telling me
That I should be trying harder
than I've already tried
This anguish always seeks me
I just can't find any meaning
to keep moving on
Though I cover my feelings up
I'm terrified

And I feel fine
It's paradoxical
It seems I'm about to sabotage myself again

When a cold wind blows through my bones
I can try not to let it in
But the fact is that affects me

I doubt the lights when I sense the dark
Calm does not last very long
I just don't know how or if I'll ever fix it
But I will find an answer
To break paradigms
I wish I could dive
in a complex inner world
I'm not allowed to fit in

There's nothing wrong with dropping my hands
And saying you're not willing to go this far
Your silence shouts out loud
what I feared most to hear
I'm fancying things
way beyond my perspective

Do you believe it's over
What if we just start over?
As the cold wind blow through our bones
Let the cold wind blow through our bones

Compositor: Ravi Fernandes

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