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Devastating Insecurity


The Anchor Sleeps

Maybe I could be the one who's generating
Pointless hatred in your heart
Trying to hide myself behind the comfort
Of being yet another hostile guy
Who considers it natural

You don't know exactly why it's happening
But we're gonna fight together
Against all the things, that displease us for some banal reason
Never show your weakness to anyone
It doesn? t matter if the message that we? re spreading
Is empty and harmful

Used to disguise fears that don? t surrender
Fears will not surrender

They believe there are less aggressive ways to change concepts
And I need to get rid of this threat
Hiding myself behind the comfort of being yet another hostile guy
Who considers it natural

I? m here to stain your personality and wash away the pain
But don? t expect me to be sorry, if you die in vain
Following my mistaken beliefs

We? re gonna fight together
And you don? t know exactly why it? s happening

Compositor: Ravi Fernandes

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