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Lesson In a Bottle

Blackberry Smoke

There's a lesson in a bottle that never gets learned
Sweep out the ashes of the bridges that I've burned
White lines and wild times, passed out cold and left behind
Then I'm right back in the saddle again

There's a lesson in a bottle, bartender pour a shot
I'll have a whiskey, I believe it's my turn
There's a lesson in a bottle bartender pour a shot
I'll have a whiskey cause I'll never learn

Blue lights and fist fights one too many out all nights
Like a freight train that's done run outta track
I've been a winner and a loser, sloppy drunk and a drug abuser
If I get through this, lord I swear I'll cut way back

I'm a long, long way from where I was goin'
It's been a long, long time, my scars are sure showin'
But school's in session bring the liquor

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