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Ain't The Same

Blackberry Smoke

You Hear Georgia

He saw the lightning flash across the bright blue sky
Saw the rain creep across the road
Well he stopped and said that's the Devil beatin' his wife
Or some old tale the old folks told

It's a five mile walk between here and uptown
On a road lined with sugar cane
They won't notice if he goes anywhere
Here lately it's like they've forgotten his name
He just can't forget the way

The days seemed so much brighter
And the breeze could blow the troubles away
You could see angels dancing in the flame
This old place seemed so much bigger
Now he sees it all a different way
Nothing's really changed
But it ain't the same

He's been back from overseas about 30 days
He returned standing proud and true
The new is worn off his welcome home
Like the heat burnin off the dew

Empty bottles that mean the bills ain't gettin' paid
Same old holes knocked in the walls
Mama don't fight back like in her younger days
Goin over the edge well it's a helluva fall
Can't he just go back a page

He don't know where he's headed for
but the buses run right on time
Anywhere's better than staying here
With the ghosts running thru his mind

The things he's seen and done
Are so much for any Mother's son
To live down or try to run away from
Can't he run

Composição: C. Starr / K. Nelson

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