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Armageddon Man

Black Flag

Nowhere to go
No place to go
I'm real screwed up
My eyes are sore from smoking all that shit
No place to go
Bottomless heart

So big that everything just gets lost in there
And if it never comes out, that's ok by me
And on other side, at the top there may light
At the end of the tunnel
I just dont think I'll be the same
I'm just warning you
I'm warning you all
No crutches no nothin'
I am going to live the end
Apocalypse man

What the hell else is there to do?
I want a mission
Not a gig or a good time, I want a mission
Scrawny stiff legs and despair come walkin'
My way with an achy step
Shipwrecked souls desolation paradise
Bountiful wonderland of lost souls staggering
Around arms out stretched looking
For something

Lonely hero man sitting on the crest of the apocalypse
And our boy says something like uhh
"Hey sir! I'm a man away from home
And my soul is out on loan
Could you throw us down a bone?
So I wouldn't be all alone?
'Cause I wanna see it all
And I wanna have it all
And I wanna see it fall

And I wanna take it all away"
February 13th, birthday new shirt around my neck
Shivers up and down my spine
The time is mine and I'm feelin' fine
And I take this one thin dime
And I call my mom on the phone and say
Say something to warm her heart
Say uhh "your boy done fucked up
Had a bit of hard luck

Went down a wrong trail
Messed with the wrong people
And just lost his mind"
Just lost his mind
Just lost his mind
Just lost his mind
Just lost his mind
Just lost his mind
Just lost his mind

Get stuck in the trunk
Got stuck in the jungle and their jokes
And their votes and their wrong side looks
And all the notes in the books
And all the wrong turns
And all the bad burns
And he never learned to not get
Burned and he never learned
One more wrong turn led to another wrong turn
Dog people!

These people are for real
They watch television
They run in circles
They bark like dogs
They nip at my heals
They wanna put a collar around my neck
They want me to be like them
Well I just walk right past, right over em
Right though em, right on top of them

I crush their face
'Cause its easy'
'Cause they're nothing
'Cause they're nothing
Little dogs
Humping dogs
Stickin' that thing in any crack that passes by
Dirt falling in my mind
Dirt gets stuck in my mouth
Dirt gets stuck in my eyes
Seeing everything through dirt

All I see is dirt, all I know is dirt
Just talking dirt, talking dirt
Digging dirt, loving dirt, rolling in dirt
Dirt river, dirt slithers, dirt lovers
Dirt undercover, dirt over color
I've felt dirty before, but it never felt quite like this
I've seen dirt before but it never looked quite looked like this
I've talked dirt before but it never sounded quite like this

That's not the way it is
That's just the way it is around here
Around these parts
It took a long time to make a long rhyme
It took a long time to make a story short
It took a lotta lives and a lotta lies
To make this story what it is
And stretch it into a disgusting distortion
And proportion and detail

And you can retail that, and sell it
To the market and see what you get
Bring back the proceeds and, well
Spend it on something that works
Something that will save me
Something that will get me out of here
Theres nothing I want more than out
Theres nothing I like to roll in like dirt

I keep to myself
I look at myself
I hate myself
And if we could all just get together and hate a little
We could hate one another
Hate our sisters and brothers in the sea of disunity
Get my fill when the bloodspills
Get my fill when the bloodspills
Get my fill when the bloodspills
I get my freeze with the chillspells

I get my thrills with the cheers fell
I get my thrills with the cheers fells, the glass breaks
Chills up and down my spine and I'm feeling fine
I was feeling fine the time is mine
Spendin' time to time getting my beer and all the gulls
Wing inside my head, and alarms goin on and off
All fucked up
All messed up
Open my eyes, too much breathing
Too much of that fucking dirty air

Makes me talk shit
Makes me live shit
Makes me wanna kiss the ground
Better than kissing you
Dirt girl, in that dirt dress
What's up that dirt dress
What's up that dirt dress

Ain't nothing but a bunch a trash
Ain't nothing but a bunch a trash
Ain't nothing but a bunch a trash
Ain't nothing but a bunch a trash
But you seem to have me quite interested
Quite interested
I think I'll walk your way
I think I'll say your name
I think I'll come over to your house

Got something for me?
Got something for me?
I'm the man among men, walking tall with a plan
You can send it around the world, you can hold it in your hand
You can bring it on home, I'm armageddon man giirll
Armageddon man giirll!
Armageddon man giirll!
And I want the whole world

I want the whole world
I want the whole world
I wanna make this place a better place
And send my shovel and face
A statue of my effigy
They erected a slum in my name

Henry rollins memorial slum
Henry rollins memorial pit
Got a grave with my name
Got a grave and it always looks the same
Through the eyes of a fucking bug

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