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    (computerized police sirens)
    Yo' you hear dem' sirens
    I know you hear `em
    Don't get scared
    It ain't 5-0 (naw)
    That's the funk yo' (yeah)
    Don't act like you didn't know (nuh)
    It's just the way it goes (yeah)
    When you messin' with the funk (yeah)
    You bumpin' in ya' trunk (yeah)
    You know it's what you want (yeah)
    So just bump the bump da' bump
    Bump bump it up

    Bounce boo, to the boogie that be
    You know I, want you to come boogie with me
    We can, dip let it slide right all night
    It's time to be wild, freestyle

    It's on 'n' poppin', Ain't no stoppin' us from rockin'
    From tonight to ten o'clock in the morning
    Got labels knockin' (sign it now)
    Fuck `em, go call them cops and
    watch dem' pigs walk and start boppin'
    Heads to what that DJ droppin'
    He play funk pump 'n' hip-hoppin'
    Breakin' laws, yeah' culture shockin'
    We be pop lockin' and moshin'
    I get down and grove to cuts (yeah)
    Check mark art of moving butts (ah' huh)
    Nowadays cats is scared to dance (that's right)
    This beat bangs, (whooo!)
    Here's my chance
    Come on girl let's go out there
    Dance on the floor, (haaaaaaaaa)


    We can dance and dance dance
    (Come on baby) Said we can dance and dance dance
    (Whoowhoowhooewhoo) I wanna' dance and dance dance
    (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) Oh, we can dance and dance dance

    Fergie's chillin', always illin'
    The way I make ya' sway, ya'll feelin'
    That's how it is, get down and jam
    If ya'll don't understand, Check it!
    He rock makin', street block shakin'
    Club life's great when it's house breakin'
    Speakers thumpin', whole joint jumpin'
    Disco funkin', get your booty bumpin'
    This beats bangin', I'm rap talkin'
    Sweet spits slangin', keep your feet hoppin'
    Dirty dancin', nasty, naughty
    Move that Jessie, pump it hottie

    `Cause when I hear music, I just lose it
    I wanna' do it, with you, you, you, you
    And when I hear music, I get into it
    I wanna' do it, with you, you (haaaaaaaaa)



    Come on, freak freak (haaaaaaaaa)
    Freak to tha' beat (haaaaaaaaa)
    Yeah, freak freak (haaaaaaaaa)
    Do it to tha' beat (Haaaaaaaaa)
    Yeah, freak freak (Haaaaaaaaa)
    Don't it sound sweet (Haaaaaaaaa)
    Let's freak freak (Haaaaaaaaa)
    And do it to tha' beat (Haaaaaaaaa)

    Ya', what the hell ya'll come here for
    If ya'll ain't out there on that floor
    You asked me to bring it, heh' I brought a little more
    I'll give it to you warm, give it to you hardcore
    Ya'll contaminated, I'm a keep this pure
    Just for your, for yours pleasure
    `Cause I just wanna' do is have a ball, ya'll
    Get on the floor ya'll 'n' freak freak ya'll

    We can dance, and dance, dance
    (Come on baby) Said we can dance and dance dance
    (Whoowhoowhoowhooewhoowhoo) I wanna' dance and dance dance
    (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) Oh' we can dance and dance dance
    (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)

    (Guitar solo)


    (Computerized police siren)

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