Black Country, New Road

Athens, France

Black Country, New Road

For The First Time

She flies to Paris, France, I come down in her childhood bed
And write the words I'll one day wish that I had never said
Now all that I became must die before the forum thread
The cursed vultures feed and spread the seeded daily bread

And I guess I found out
What it's like

I am very young
But I am working
Working on the glow up

I am the richest girl in every room
Mainline to the UE BOOM
They ask me

Why don't you sing with an English accent
Well, I guess it's too late to change it now
In the rural American town fairground
I go 'round and I go 'round

It's a great wide gulf between intentions
and what ground met me
I check my phone and make the sound
Like theme from failure performed for just you
Like the new road built out of Black Country ground

I have learned so little
From all I lost in two thousand and 18
I think she's still waiting there for us somewhere
Underneath what we built to keep the waters clean

It's a one size fits all hardcore cyber fetish early noughties zine
She sells matcha shots to pay for printing costs and a PR team
She's recently enlightened
And for some reason that fazes me
It won't give up
Too soft to touch
And how hard could it really be

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