Black Country Communion

Take my eyes
Burn down the Sun
How can you be so cold?
You left me here
All hope is gone

Where is the life I sold
I pray the dawn
Will break this spell
What will become of me?
It took my breath
So hard I fell

Lost in a shell, ghostly
And the rain falls down
On this lonely child
And I could not feel

The fire
And I realize
This was meant to be
And I need some time
To grieve
And you fade so slowly
Now all that shines is Gold

And I feel I'm dyin'
How can you be so cold?
When the sky in fallin'
Now that you're growin' old

And I feel that I'm dyin'
How can you feel so cold?
So slowly wake me
From my sleep

Here in this house I dwell
And I don't delay
The wound so deep
Down in this livin' hell

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