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Sunday Afternoon

Black Angels

Come on, over here
It's all right over here
In the silent empty places
It's shining in the shadows

It's all right over here
It's okay over here
Up in my tree, where you can see
Crystal visions on a Sunday

You know that you don't even know (yeah)
You think just like they told you to (yeah)
Look within you for the kingdom
Then you'll see, you can see.

Come on over here
It's all right over here
In the middle of the daytime,
Fell the colours, pull from inside

And come on over here,
It's all right over here
With your new eyes, turn on your light
Let your love glow, leave your ego

You know that you've just got to go (yeah)
You were blind, trapped inside their sty (yeah)
But now you see that you know nothing
So just go and let it show

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