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Work That Body

BJ the Chicago Kid

The cannon the cannon

Girl you make me wanna
Work that body Work that body [x3]
Girl you make me wanna got to work
[Girl a love the way you work]
Work that body Work that body [x3]
Girl you make me wanna got to work
Girl a love the way you

[Verse 1:]
Love is in the air sexy than a mother fucker
She be in the gym working out make a nigga wanna
Work that body work that body
Merktek take a perk and hurt that
Gotta late for church gotta call in off a work day
T baby got her open she gone
can't control it as it shawty heart is the coldest I'm a G baby
Ass up face down lay down
let me taste you from the waist down
Orgasm we both have em we keep them coming
Pussy cushion I'm steady pushing I keep it running
Like a falls that's running baby I soak it up
Tell em fuck you like hanna baby you know what's up
Yep shawty good up and down on that wood
She be with ma enemies yea got me down in the hood
Right back nigga strapped for that pussy
Make a nigga fall asleep in that cushy girl
you make me wanna


[Verse 2:]
Come from the town white [?] pounds
So all the work in the world tryna work with you now
Tryna work that, got a nigga waitin on it
They see we kicking and all the bitches hating on it
We keep it moving on em
Take note ma shawty be trippin and baby Cc
they never there when we be
She wanna roll with the kid she ain't got a choice
I told her baby you smart Khaled voice
I'm here to hold you down ain't here to hold you up
You was movin little too fast had to slow you up
Other niggas just wanna fuck so they can blow you up
Hating type a niggas how you dating type a niggas
Bae I am cut from a different cloth welcome to ma world
Keep [?] can't get caught with any girl
And it happens to be you I'm just tryna go to work
Right before you go to work shawty come up out that [?]


Cannon, cannon, cannon
That fact that fact

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