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We On (Must Be)

BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1: Marcus Orelias]
Marcus Orelias, come with me or get left
Why like me? Yo girl been stressed
Past dresses motivated bars I bench-pressed
Dropping science till the bell rang
Shoes had holes so I felt the pain
Got played, so I don't play
Pockets got fat so she knows my name (oo wee)
Do they hit my line, coming quick and I love it
J. J. mixed so I spit sick throw up your spine
Give me a millisecond or a kiloton
I'll R. I. P. this at instance
I moonwalk on sentences till I free birds
with sentences in a few days
Been a minute and a long way
reminiscing on my old ways
And I love the way she move that thang but hey
Hands on her hips she licks those lips
when she see's me flow
She don't know yearned for hype
they said no, so I became my own
Now what I need is Tlc or P&P till I Tnt
get high and won't come down
Cause they know the sound when I come around
From that rebel of the underground

[Hook: Bj the Chicago Kid]
You must be a fool to think that I ain't on
And if you think I ain't on
Nigga you must not be on
Cause We On (x9)

[Verse 2: Marcus Orelias]
Everybody knows that we on
It took long getting the buzz strong
Had to strive for it; go and get it
Didn't sleep much cause I couldn't miss it
Now I'm sending missiles headed from my mental
To people's minds on missed missions
Pay attention, when you pay admissions
I used to write, stuck in detention

So move to the beat when the Dj is spinning (uh)
I see no competition (uh) , in another dimension
It's been this way since I've known microphone
I wasn't known, pre gold chains and nice phones
Watching talespin to make ya head spin
songs write themselves
Stay up, when stress prevails and you feel hell
Have no fear, what do you fear? (Failure probably)
Don't quit; show everybody why you
More sick than everybody; watch me
Take a picture, then copy
I stay on track when I rhyme on tracks
turning curbs 45 degrees
They laughed but it's all good to me cause
Phony's fall out like bad weaves
straightaway I'm on tracked beats
This fame hit me like a ton of bricks
So you know I move quick, before she turn me on
Cause she knows that we on

[Verse 3: Marcus Orelias]
Some swear I wear emotions, put it all on my sleeve
Police slap handcuffs, I hit back with these beats
Sleep; repeat, writing for Katie, Keisha and Brenda's
Stats and politicians see our chances slim
No slimmer than an art career path
For the love you slim fast
Don't talk to me when I'm in the zone
Snapping to infiltrate every home
Stop on commercial, incase u missed it
I'm strapped to the nose of a rocket
bout to take the breaks off
I've waited on this for so long

[Hook: Bj the Chicago Kid]
You must be a fool to think I ain't on
And if you think I ain't on
Nigga you must not be on
Cause We On (x9)

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