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Strawberry Bubblegum

BJ the Chicago Kid

Oho haa

Yeah X 4

[Verse 1]
Known each other for a couple of years
I even wiped a few of ya tears
The other day when I seen you naked
Awakened my deepest feelings
Cause baby, my loving is too much for myself
And girl I wonder
Does it taste as good as you say it feels

Cause you look like fun, like fun, like fun
Talking Strawberry Bubblegum
You look like fun, like fun, like fun
You look like fun
Tasting Strawberry bubblegum
You look like
Fun X 2

[Verse 2]
At night I look at your pictures on Instagram
Seems you got a lot of fans
Or look like a paper I just gotta see
If you can handle whats in my pants


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