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Sex Is The Best Breakfast

BJ the Chicago Kid

Hey Girl
Just the smallest thought of you
Makes me wanna go all night long

[Verse 1]
When you need my lovin' girl
You know Imma' give it to you
Just the way you like it girl
Cause I can do your body so right
And I'm never too far away
Never far away from you
Cause girl ill even take a flight

But now that your here no more hoping and wishin' (wishin)
I got what I've been missin'

I can tell your body's been yearning
But my body's been calling for you baby, baby
I want you to spend the night with me

Cause in the morning
I wanna lick my lips and still taste you babe (taste you babe)
Plus I'm already horny
And since I'm already ready so lets get it babe (get it baby)
Cause we all know
Sex yeah is the best breakfast (ooh)
Sex yeah is the best breakfast (ooh)
Sex yeah is the best breakfast
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