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Real Love Never Dies

BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1]
You can talk all your shit while you're with him
But girl I know that you ain't happy with him
Cause baby, real love never dies
You can act all you want, you deserve an award
But soon you gon? learn now that love ain't no toy
Cause baby that real love never dies

[Bridge 1]
Your heart just keeps beatin, beatin
beatin, beatin, beatin', beatin', beatin'
Put a bandaid on you're bleedin'
bleedin', bleedin', bleedin', bleedin', bleedin'
Baby, baby, real love never dies, oh yea

[Verse 2]
Girl I remember the day that I saw you I knew I
(I knew I wanted to have you)
And I had this feeling that this thing was gonna be
More than just one night (more like forever)
I never thought I'd be so alone
your love and I ain't got it, I'm an addict, yea
Now I don't know what to do
cause I never had a sliver of any kind of addiction

[Bridge 2]
So can somebody call me a cab (give me rehab)
yea, yea
Can somebody call me a cab, yea (give me rehab)
We ain't got much time left
Cause the ground is shakin? clouds is moving
People dyin', we still?
Earth is dyin', lovers crying
What are we choosing? We just
We just keep runnin? away-ay-ay
While this is going on
We just keep runnin' away, runnin' away, runnin' away
Yea, runnin' away from love, yea

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