Plai Boi

BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1:]
B-B-Baby I don't know
What you heard
Baby please don't call me saint, but maybe I deserve
Let me put some in your ear
Tell you what I'm thinking
You know you the shit
(You know you the shit)
Girl I can smell you stankin'

Won't you pull your chair closer here
Let me make something clear
I just wanna vibe with you
Baby you don't have to say a word
I know you can move it
I promise you
(I promise you)
That Imma make you lose it baby

I bet you ain't never ever ever
You ain't never ever ever had a play boy like me
I bet you ain't
I bet you ain't never had a nigga make you beg to your knees
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
I'm good, I'm good baby
Yo, that's whats good baby
I know just what you like in your vest
Understood baby
So tell me what to do
To make it run with you
Oh baby please let me be the one



[Verse 3 Bridge]
Won't you tell me what the word
(I know just what you like it)
Baby this is what I heard
(You want someone that cares)
Check it, here's the number hit me up and actually come pick you up
I want to take it there
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)



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