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Nice & Slow (Usher cover)

BJ the Chicago Kid

It's seven o' clock
On the dot
I'm in my drop top
Cruisin the streets, oh yeah
I gotta real pretty, pretty little thing that's waiting for me
I pull up
Anticipating good love
Don't keep me waiting
I got plans to put my hands in places
I never seen girl you know what I mean

Let me take you to a place nice and quiet
There ain't no one there to interrupt
Ain't gotta rush
I just wanna take it nice and slow
(Now baby tell what you wanna do with me)
See I've been waiting for this for so long
We'll be makin' love until the sun comes up
I just wanna take it nice and slow

Compositor: Barry James Eastmond, Jolyon W. Skinner

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