It's True

BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1: Bj The Chicago Kid]
For someone start with my nigga out Mack
The first real nigga I lost
Even though he used to gang bang
Whenever that he see it's chains swang
But that's that Jesus 2 slots
Cause he would have rocked it well
But instead he rocked that hair
full of raze braided by his girl Lucy
With the semi on, make the head game kinda cold
Never kill the soul
so we never had a problem with thinking this [?]
Living life like it never would happen
Shit, niggas dying like life really going full circle
Thought we was gonna live to see it all
Till that day that he died
on a head-on collision with a motorcycle

[Hook: Bj The Chicago Kid]
It's true, cool niggas die too
Yeah nigga, It's true, cool niggas die too
It could happen to me, it could happen to you
But yeah It's true

[Verse 2: Bj The Chicago Kid]
I met Jamico when I went to high-school
They stayed around the corner bur shit, I never knew
Me and Kisel Ken in the basement
playing drums, making music
Watching for some yellow diamonds
Yes I'm on the phone you losers
I remember late for school
every morning thirsty for that mickey d's
When I know when the death of a mother
matured him very quickly
So we go fast forward school graduated
Went to college got married
They had a pretty little girl but the world
couldn't make her [?]
He died from a seizure at her daughter's birthday party


[Verse 3: Schoolboy Q]
Blue chucks, swing Glocks, they're both in my pants
I'm a gangster I can do no wrong
Fuck with the lights on and say I love you baby
Caz tomorrow may not make it to me
I got a kilo and a seven series
when a crown went crack. nigga
I bet the gun sale plat, oh
Atf be on that sucker shit
They hate a black nigga with getting money's involved
Got an ounce in my draws
I just wanna live forever my nigga
Took the blue pill, crack the axillae
If Q said it then you know that shit's real
Pistol grip up on my lap all times
I used to drive a Honda with the dimes inside
Now drive by is by the lost that kill bay base kids
So the gun is who my role model is
Live the script in the Benz
Look, I'm never half of my steppin'
I never knock with my weapon
So you'll get got in a second like


[Outro: Bj The Chicago Kid]
Alright man, just for a few seconds
If you got somebody that you lost it was vital to your life
And you feel like you really got a guardian angel
right now
I mean, yes I say man, you mean, [?]
at the same time, yeah
Get ready
1, 2, 3, go
Somebody lost a mother, father
1, 2, 3, go
A brother, sister, cousin, best friend
1, 2, 3, go

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