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Hood Stories Vol.1

BJ the Chicago Kid

[verse 1]

Straight hustlin selling weed only eighths and up
He's 25 and in these streets
But he's good to his customers
He had a hard life, said his mom's
Played her parts and dad's
So he got a girlfriend of his own to one day be a better dad
Yes he did
The one and only time he decided to cheat yeah
He pulled the rope for the guillotine to cut off his feet yeah
The girl on the side turned him in
And shit like that always cause more harm
Than it intends yeah
She say she got tired of him ducking and dodging
From fulfilling his fantasies
And the exact same day his wife got the call from the police
Is the exact same day
The doctor told her of her pregnancy yeaah
The moral of the story is
No matter what you doing, be careful who you screwing
The moral of the story is: ah nah
If you don't know what you doing I suggest you not to do it
Be careful what you do they're watching you
They're haunting you!

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