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Gimme Mo (Remix)

BJ the Chicago Kid

Pussy all on my brain
Get get that pussy all on my brain

[Hook: Bj The Chicago Kid & (Sasha Go Hard) ]
Hear the sirens out the window
Smell like I just put out the endo
'Bout to give you just what you came for
(Gimme gimme more, more, more)
Cause you know I know how to make yo wet
Every time I'm in it girl I make you sweat
I ain't hittin' it right if you ain't came yet
(Gimme gimme more, more, more)
Cause you don't know girl

[Pre-Hook: Bj The Chicago Kid & (Sasha Go Hard) ]
You don't know, know, know
You don't know, know, know
You don't know
You don't know girl
(Gimme gimme more, more, more)
You don't know, you don't know, you don't know
You don't know what you've done to me
(Gimme gimme more, more, more)

[Verse 2: Sasha Go Hard]
Your body real nice
Tats all over, what a bad bitch like
You know it's wrong and it's on and I can't lie
Man I need another cup and another night
When I call better pick up
Pussy good, I can tell how he lick up
Body click up when the dick stick up
Pussy wet, it could take away your hiccups
Nigga don't be afraid, tonight is the night
No more time to wait, you can go down and taste
I rub on your waist, pussy in your face, the taste is great
I'ma mo'fuckin' beast underneath them sheets that a bruh can't breath
Scorpio freak on the run, no leash
Beat it up, eat it up, use no teeth
Do it to the beat, you could do it your song
Show me what you got, do it to the break of dawn
Look at that body, boy you a hotty
Lovin' me, fuckin' me slowly you naughty
Nutty I call it, I rub on your
Hit it behind, don't like when it's soft
You don't know, I don't think you really know
What you do to me
Gimme gimme more, more


[Verse 2: Bj The Chivago Kid]
Smack that ass go pat pat
Lick them tats 'fore I lick that
You nervous from the back when I'm lickin' that
Yeah you know a nigga think he like that
You can feel it on your toes
You can feel it all in your soul
You can, kiss my, dick, as your private, fuckin? strip poll
Girl I know that you don't smoke, usually
But don't trip cause tonight you gon' smoke with me
And I'ma get you high
Like you could give me head in the sky
You talking shot, it only [?] me
I'm 'bout to murder this pussy


Shawty go hard
Pussy all on my brain
Get get that pussy all on my brain

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