BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
Nigga we be on our shit, call us cow manure
Young boy stay clean even in the sewer
My last girl was super but I couldn't get through to her
I swear I was literally just tryna get into
But you can't even have her, I'm the closest thing to her
Can tell you everything about her
Feel like I really knew her
But if God could bless anybody
I swear I'd just choose her
Cause she's a good girl tryna stay true to her
My mind stay racin' I swear I could run in Cuba
Been shaded up lately, Blowin' hard like a Tuba
Like man am I a loser? Or is it just a new her?
I swear I'm the only dude in her life that improved her
But when I grow up man I might just have to move her
Somewhere with the money we gon' ball like a hooper
Been doin' a lot of growin'
I swear I been on some new stuff
Livin' like the Jefferson's, nigga it's that time to move up

[Hook: Casey Veggies]
I'm up late night just tryna get it right
Swear I been on my grind just tryna stay outta sight
This is "Sleeping In Class" just tryna spread my light
Tryna make a mil off these million thoughts
that I write - Right!
Forever, Forever ever, Forever ever? Forever
Any weather I'm here whenever
Forever, Forever ever, Forever ever, Forever
We'll stay together and make it better

[Bridge: B. J The Chicago Kid]
Yeah I fall asleep in class
You niggas learnin' for now
but I'm sittin' here dreamin' my future
And when we leave class you niggas better haul ass
Cause my life ain't quite what ya used to
Every single morning, When ya'll packing I'm yawning
From nights in the studio, Nigga if ya didn't know
I'm on it

[Verse 2: Casey Veggies]
Dreamer turn believer 'bout my salad like Caesar
The society just tease us findin' ways to decrease us
My rhyme's like Jesus findin' ways to increase us
This my story, Gettin' money, There's a thesis
Cause what my family leave is for my Nephew's
and my Niece's
Just wanna make sure my generation don't fall to pieces
Cause what them teachers teach us
Got degrees and they don't believe us
They lie to us when they conceive us
Tryna shred us down to pieces
That's reality


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