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Can't Hold My Liquor

BJ the Chicago Kid

[Hook: Justin Vernon] (x2)
I can hold my liquor
But this man can't handle his weed
Dark and lonely now
On Chicago, south of town
I'm on to Indiana
I heard it in the radio now

[Verse: Bj The Chicago Kid]
3 cups of hen and I'm on one
Came with one bitch but want all of 'em
Let's ball or somthin'
(Shit, what they lip read?)
My dick and balls or somethin'
(America was built off lies, sex, and money)
And 12k years later, that's the same exact shit here for me
(Aww this thick broad right here I'm tryna)
Break, break down
Cause this liquor breaking me on down

[Hook] (x2)

From Long Beach, California
Mister Jairus J. Mo Mozee

[Hook] (x2)

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