BJ the Chicago Kid

[Verse 1: Chuck Inglish]
Ice cream, ice white ones, we the dream team
High top Timbs, tuck it in, go with anything
Anything? Yeah, that Northface, bet
That army green tech shell jacket that reflects
Carhartts saggin', I forgot my belt
Karl Kani sweats one pants leg up
When I lay eyes on her, gave the whole game up
We shoulda danced one time, curveball, changeup
Check it
Friday in a whip, playin' shawtay off late [?]
With my shorty mixtapes for the party
Something old from the crates, ice cold milkshakes
Couple girls had curls, couple girls had braids
(Know what I'm sayin?)
It's like the whole shebang
Better than gripping money when I hold your hand
That's the whole word, keep a dope verse like this
Lil' jewels you could drop off in your purse real quick
Girlfriend, take a first class flight around the world twice
Bet you won't find another love like this
We'll never be poor, but we might get rich
And I ain't worried bout that cause I'm makin' these hits
Make love not paper, but we save ours up
So we could take a vacation, baby roll one up
Cop that Benz G-Wag truck, the one that you love
New paint job, cover it what color you want

[Hook 1: Bj The Chicago Kid]
Girl, I ain't gon' trick cause you ain't going nowhere
Said the shit so good, girl I ain't making it fair
You'll be going nowhere fast
cause can't nobody do you like I do
And when they see me, they see you
Cause baby you are
Yeah girl you are
My shining star
Or near or far
My shining star

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
Get it girl, get it girl, get it girl, huh
Old habits die fast in my world
Eyes open, fly over, be my girl
Arms open looking for it like a pearl
Ice cream, waffle cones, with the swirl
Curls in your hair, fingernails get the twirl
Hands in the air, air, sure
At the party, play the jam, let's see you work
Say word, lookin' real live like "that's my girl"
Airbrush the sweats, together, forever, pinky promise, bet
Same time, a simple homage, you can take your pick
But watch movies on the couch, I know you love that shit

[Hook 2: Bj The Chicago Kid]
And if they ever looking for me
They can always find me, cause I'm with you
Yeah girl you are
My shining star
Or near or far
My shining star
Yeah girl you are
My shining star
Or near or far
My shining star

[Bridge: Bj The Chicago Kid]
Don't matter if the time's right
Matter fact, the time's right
I ain't too busy caught up in the night life
Baby, you my limelight
And you shine bright
Baby you, you always send me sky-high
I never knew I could fly
Got my eyes looking high
That's why I'm never saying bye
Cause baby you are

[Hook 3 (2x) : Bj The Chicago Kid]
Yeah girl you are
My shining star
Or near or far
My shining star

[Outro: Bj The Chicago Kid]
Yeah, they can always find me cause I'm with you
Chilling with you
Eating with you
Loving on you

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