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Another Number

BJ the Chicago Kid

Verse - Thurzday]
Ho is not short for honey
Homie, holy, hobby
Inner woods of holly, [sh...]
Molly popping by golly
While prayers go out to whoever fathers her child
A smile is probably what gotcha
Catching that old sea bass, garlic butter on lobster
[With bling on,] she watched ya', act liked she foreign
But from the [?] with a rapport for [touring?]
Off a nigga cash [int?] [tent?] be obscurrin'
[Flirt?] with your [chaps,] she in search of Ralph Lauren
[?] pull your cash low and cook campaign pouring
She drunk off Rose thinking no dick the morning
All [?] spade with the ace big bust
Small waist look good, and do better with a face
To use what she got to put your balls in her palm
When she leaves she puts her ring back on

[Hook - Bj the Chicago Kid]
Yeah, when the clock stops, you're just another number
Then it's the next stop, never see her again
Again until the beat drops
Her friends think shes a star now
But fellas know she's a [?]
But you're just another number

[Verse 2 - Thurzday]
These hoes will stick you up
Pussy gonna chased mouse
Ransacking your house, swiping your account
Multiple amounts, that all brought doubt
But made you forget because that magic in her mouth
That you thought was free, when she put ten on three
Ran that game like she got her own money
And don't leave no nigga [?] ?] sunny
Daddy [and?] shoes gave her the psyche of a junkie
Addicted to the pipes of athletes, and more
Them panties an open door, accustom to all fours
They say love is the duty of the soul
So is it beautiful to only love whatever grows on trees
(What separates the women from the hoes)
[?] is never good, until your eyes' seen worse
So I hope you stay clean from the dirt
And keep them jazzy bells off the collar of your [?] shirt


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