We Ride

Bizzy Bone

-Bizzy Bone-Intro-
You know what it is baby. Bizzy Bone in the building, Bone Thugs N Harmony. Mr. Criminal, shots out to love.

-Chick-(Bizzy Bone)-Chorus-
We when ride, we tell ya who I'm rollin with (Runaway, Hi-Power Entertainment)/ All day, all night, let's ride/ We when ride, we tell ya who I'm rollin with (Runaway, Hi-Power Entertainment) We ride...(We ride...)

-Bizzy Bone-
Comin over, I'm seein the homie telling me 'Jump on up in the ride'/ A bottle of wine, you lettin me prophesize and I'm feelin your vibe/ I'm feelin the tribe, itself in Cleveland/ The Bone Thugs, that's the family/ The reason for the season and don't leave em cause that's my family

-Mr. Criminal-
In the H we G's, my family/ We about to blow up you just wait and see/ Patiently, I've been waitin G/ Hop in the low rider come escape with me/ In a 63' clean Chevrolet classic/ Rollin down the boulevard, flossin on the masses/ Eyes blood shot so I'm rollin with my glasses/ From the West Coast where we turn it into ashes

-Bizzy Bone-
Everbody on the West Side, my Papito/ Mamacita in Nevadio/ Tequila my amigo/ Never disrespect you/ You know I respect you, that's for sure/ In the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit; Praise the Lord/ Now let us ride


-Mr. Criminal-
Mr. Criminal alone, takin hits to in the bong/ Hater stick to your zone, you better leave it alone/ Do a show state to state and I finally back home/ Hooked up with the homeboy Bizzy from Bone/ And we finally clicked up, when we doin our thang/ It's Bone Thug, Hi-Power stay true to the game/ Kept the (?) uncut heated the brain/ Bizzy Bone, Mr. Criminal spittin the flame/ Stay smokin on J and I'm feelin the vibe/ Turn it up when you downtown roll in ya ride/ Windows up high boss and I'm feelin the vibe/ Pass it to the homie Bizzy watch him rip it one time

-Bizzy Bone-
Little Bizzy The Kid, they better know what it is/ You get ahold of your kids, you better put in your biz/ You better put in your dibs and now we lookin at the criminal vision, you gotta be in it to win it/ Sinnin is treacherous and dangerous, better get with the program/ And slow jam, feelin that shit, killin that shit/ Willin that wheel, feelin that shit/ Come in another respective, recollective for the past we missed it/ My family, I'm left out on my Damie but I've got God/ Tell em they better get before they try to get it/ Got em feelin when I'm on a mission baby listen/ That's the way, and that's the way we play/ In the do' go grab your fo-fo betta go get em/ Criminal did em/ One big fam, bam my man/ You know that you got to feel him (Holla, holla)


-Bizzy Bone-
Put your hands in the air, like this like this/ And put your finger in the air, like that like that (We ride, we ride, we ride)/ Everybody on the West Side... (We ride, we ride, we ride)/ Put your finger in the air and wave it like you don't care... (We ride, we ride, we ride)/ Put your finger in the air and wave it like you don't care (We ride, we ride, we ride)

The homie Bizzy Bone and the homie Mr. Criminal...When we ride...

Compositor: Bizzy Bone & Mr. Criminal

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